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A Bit About Us

The concept of beauty isn’t about vanity. It’s an emotional connection to how we feel!

Bridal Makeup

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Thank you for  visiting our about us page!

This  is the space where we get to tell you about our skills, qualification, experience and expertise.

Bridal doula and concierge

Unveiled Glam is your bridal hair and makeup ‘Doula’ or you may even refer to us as your luxury bridal hair and makeup ‘Concierge’. Yes, doula and concierge are the best words outside the obvious hairstylist and makeup artist to describe what we do, why we do it, how we do it and how much different we are from the norm.

We are a bridal focussed brand with an eye for weddings! We believe in delivering the ultimate experience with a smile. We like to keep things as relaxed as possible, and our number one priority is always ensuring your wedding hair and makeup  journey and your wedding day goes smoothly.

 Unveiled Glam is a team

At this moment Unveiled Glam is a team of 5 amazingly talented beauty professionals led by the founder, Nancy Mobhe.

We have  2 lead bridal hair and makeup experts, Nancy M. being one of them, 2 hair stylists and one junior bridal hair and makeup artist. .

“YOU, but enhanced”

Our unique and individual approach to bridal hair and makeup, ensures that you stand out! Our

dedicated and passionate team specialises  in “YOU, but enhanced”. We adore the classic, effortless red carpet look that will accentuate your features and give you memories of a lifetime.


Unveiled Glam is a luxury hair and makeup team based in the middle of the UK (midlands) that travels within and beyond the midlands to make individuals feel confident, special and beautiful whilst looking flawless on their special day or special event.


Follow our Social media pages to see what we’ve been up to and visit our blog posts to find out more about our activities.

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