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Discover the 5 Latest Wedding Hair Trends for the Autumn Season

2 Brides on an Autumn day
Autum Brides

Autumn is on the horizon, and so is your upcoming wedding! If you're still scrolling through the endless inspiration on the internet, searching for that perfect wedding hairstyle that compliments your autumn-themed celebration, you're in the right place. Let us guide you toward the latest and most enchanting wedding hair trends for the autumn season. These trends are tailor-made for Unveiled Glam brides, adding a touch of luxury and elegance to your special day.

1.The Classic Chignons

Bridal bun with a hair accessory. Hair by Unveiled Glam
Bridal bun for Bride Claire

Low or high! Chignons are easily one of our favourite wedding hairstyles for our brides. They have, and always will, represent a timeless choice. Chignons effortlessly radiate sophistication and harmonise wonderfully with the grace of autumn weddings. What we adore is the ability to infuse your unique touch into the traditional chignon without compromising its elegance. Whether you opt for a low or high chignon, position it in the centre or to the side, or incorporate braids, twists, or a subtle asymmetry, you can introduce an intriguing and distinctive element to your chignon.

2.Soft Waves and Loose Curls

Elegant and subtle, soft waves and loose curls rank high among our brides' preferred hairstyles. They evoke an aura of ease, grace, and refinement. Given the unpredictable nature of the UK's autumn weather, this hairstyle seamlessly complements the gentle breezes, and its beauty and relaxed allure are likely to endure throughout the entire day.

3.Sleek and Polished

sleek hair bun on dark brown hair
sleek low hair bun

Get ready, because this part deserves your full attention! Smooth-back buns, sleek straight hair, and tidy ponytails – these are the styles we absolutely adore! We promise to make your hair shine as brilliantly as Rihanna's diamonds in the sky. These hairstyles radiate sophistication and contemporary flair. When paired with flawless makeup featuring a bold lip or precisely defined eyes, it's the ideal choice for the Unveiled Glam bride who desires a chic and refined appearance.

4.Half-up Half Downs Styles

Are you looking for the best of both worlds? This hairstyle is versatile, suitable for all four seasons, offering the perfect fusion of elegance and a laid-back vibe. It strikes the ideal balance, guaranteeing comfort and ease throughout the day. This feminine hairstyle photographs amazingly, giving you the most enchanting wedding day photos to remember your day by.

5.Braids: Delicate or Bold

If you've chosen to have an Autumn wedding, consider incorporating braids as the perfect element to elevate your hairstyle. Braids not only introduce texture and volume to your hair but also provide an opportunity to align your hairstyle with your wedding theme. For instance, if you're aiming for a whimsical and nature-inspired look, a crown braid adorned with autumn accessories like foliage or delicate blooms can beautifully capture the enchanting essence of fall.

Stylist in process of braiding

On the other hand, loose textured braids paired with loose curls offer a fantastic choice for Unveiled Glam Brides seeking a more relaxed and bohemian vibe.

Bonus Tips:

1.Experiment with colour

Autumn inspired hair colour in loose waves
Autumn inspired hair colour

You can tell it's autumn in the UK when the countryside turns all warm and colourful with red and gold shades. This beautiful autumn colour palette inspires many brides to try out soft and warm shades in their hair. Adding highlights or lowlights in copper, honey, or auburn tones can make your hairstyle look deeper and more dimensional, matching the cosy autumn feel in the UK.

2.Statement hair accessories

Whether you opt for an elaborate headpiece, a jewelled hairpin, or a veil, your selection of wedding hair accessories allows you to accentuate the essence of the season. Integrating the autumnal colour palette can infuse a sense of opulence. Consider a romantic approach with floral accents that epitomise the charm of autumn, adding an extra layer of allure.

3.Minimalistic makeup with focus on bold lips or defined eyes

I've mentioned this before, and you might have wondered about it. Autumn has a calm and peaceful vibe, with lots of rich gold and red colours. When it comes to your wedding day makeup during this season, try to keep it simple. Imagine having a clean, glowing face with natural-looking colours. You can make a bold statement either with your eyes or your lips. For your eyes, think about using black eyeliner, red-aubergine, or brown eyeshadow. Or, you can go bold with your lips using shades like deep red, berry, or plum. This classic look goes really well with the cosy and rustic feel of a UK autumn wedding. To keep a balanced and elegant appearance, choose either emphasised eyes or lips, but not both. Combining them would clash with the soft and romantic rustic autumn theme of your wedding.


Embrace the beauty of the season by choosing the perfect hairstyle that pairs up with your unique style and personality! Choose the wedding hairstyle that speaks to your heart and makes you feel like the radiant Unveiled Glam bride you deserve to be on your special day.

Autumn bride surrounded by autumn inspired flowers
Autumn bride

Ultimately, the goal is to make every bride feel absolutely beautiful and confident as they walk down the aisle on their unforgettable day.

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