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Hair booked! What’s next?

Hey, you magnificent 'Unveiled' beauty! We are so excited to have you booked with us for your special occasion hair!

You are probably wondering; “what's next?”

Well, have you sent us your inspirational images already?

Images are a great way to get your vision across and we love using them as a check point during our consultations. We will be asking you questions based on the images you share with us. This will give us a better understanding of your expectations and vision for your overall look.

We recommend you use Pinterest to find images of individuals that have similar hair colour to you. Look at our blog post about finding the right hairstyle.

For example, blond hairstyles show a lot more details and appear more texture defined then dark hair. Therefore, they will look more prominent. So, if you have darker hair or coloured; it would be best to find inspirational images of hairstyles with a similar colour as yours, so you will know what to expect visually.

Bear in mind a lot of the hairstyles on Pinterest do include hair extensions! We sometimes carry hair extensions in our kit. If we feel the hairstyle you upload may need hair extensions, we will let you know.

Once you've found all the images, minimise them to 2 images maximum and upload them onto our WedQuarterz Portal/ Bridal Hub. Add some notes about the parts of the hair style you like the most.

On the day of your event follow the next steps:
  1. Wash your hair on the morning of the event or the night before.

  2. Air dry your hair and avoid using a blow dryer. If you must use a blow dryer, then use a very low heat setting.

  3. Make sure your hair is dry upon our arrival. Plan and give it plenty of time to dry.

  4. Do not use any conditioner, hair mask or any hairstyling products including heat protection, hair spray, mousse or oils.

  5. If your hair is naturally textured( curls, waves…) use a towel to scrunch dry it or a diffuser during the drying process.

  6. If you have afro texture hair/or kinky texture hair, put your hair into braids, twist or knots and leave it to dry.

  7. If you are planning on using any hair accessories upload an image of it in your WedQuarterz. This includes fascinators, clips, tiaras, hats, Gele’s or a tikka. Have them ready to be used once we arrive.

  8. Keep up with your regular trims and treatments from your hairdresser.

As we are bringing the salon to you, we will need space to carry out the service.

Here is a list of things we will need you to provide:

  • A stool or chair for you to sit on. The chair should have a low backrest.

  • A table for us to put all our tools and products. Please do not underestimate the amount we bring; we usually use at least half of a dinner table size per booking.

  • A mirror big enough for the stylist to view the front of your face, your sides and crown.

  • Access to an electric socket. (We carry with us a 2m extension cord.)

  • Prepare to let us set up our station in a low traffic area and a room with enough lighting.

  • Please arrange for pets and children to stay away from our station.

  • Our station should ideally be on the ground floor. If this is not possible, we will ask you to arrange an extra pair of hands to help us carry our equipment up the stairs.

Please be opened to suggestions, We want to leave you looking stunning and we want to feel confident and proud of the service we give you. In the instance that we feel the hairstyle you want will not be ideal due to factors such as your hair texture, garment, face shape, hair thickness etc., we will share our expertise and offer you alternatives. We look at this as a collaboration where all parties involved are proud of their contribution at the end of the day.

From now on your special occasion is our special occasion! We want you to look at your absolute best!

If you are having your makeup done by another makeup artist, we will require them to service you first. If you are having your makeup done by us, then read our Makeup Prep Guide “here

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