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Makeup booked! What’s next?

Hey, you magnificent 'Unveiled' beauty! We are so excited to have you booked with us for your special occasion Makeup!

You are probably wondering; “what's next?”

Well, it's time to start planning!

  1. Browse the internet for your perfect look.

  2. Find 2-3 makeup looks you like and upload them onto our Bridal Hub.

  3. Add some notes to let us know your likes and dislikes.

  4. Upload an image of yourself without makeup. This is very important so that we can ensure we bring the correct range of light to medium or medium to deep dark based pigments.

We are specialised in neutral, natural, and soft glam makeup.

Great skin is the secret of a flawless makeup look. We have written a blog post on how to get your skin wedding ready!

  1. Avoid having facial treatments done within 5 days of having your hair and makeup done.

  2. Get your eyebrows done! Get your eyebrows done! Get your eyebrows done! Maximum 4 days prior to your special occasion.

  3. If you are used to shaving yourself, shave yourself the night before.

  4. Do not use any products on your face this includes moisturiser. We will be applying some during our makeup prep routine.

  5. Get 7-8 hours sleep prior to your appointment. You can’t mask lack of sleep with makeup.

  6. Drink water and use moisturiser and SPF in the days leading to your booking with us.

On the day of your appointment:
  • If you have lashes you would like to use, bring them along. We require them to be unused and sealed in their original packaging.

  • Bring your own top up lipstick. If you have booked our bridal package, you will receive a full-sized lipstick from us!

  • If you have favourite makeup products that you’d like for us to use let us know beforehand via the Wedquarters Hub and have them ready on the day of your appointment.

  • We come with our own highchair and makeup light; we will need enough space to set them up.

  • A table for us to put all our tools and products. Please do not underestimate the amount we bring; we usually use at least half of a dinner table size per booking.

  • Access to an electric socket. (We carry with us a 2m extension cord.)

  • Prepare to let us set up our station in a low traffic area and a room with enough lighting.

  • Please arrange for pets and children to stay away from our station.

  • Our station should ideally be on the ground floor. If this is not possible, we will ask you to arrange an extra pair of hands to help us carry our equipment up the stairs.

Top tip! Be openminded. Unless your inspirational image is your identical twin, there will be differences in your final look. We will always adapt the look to suit your features and your occasion.

We apply makeup based on our signature style. We adore effortless, elegant, neutral looks; and that’s what you can expect from us.

We want to leave you looking stunning and we want to feel confident and proud of the service we give you.

From now on your special occasion is our special occasion! We want you to look at your absolute best!

If you are having your hair done by another hair stylist, we will require them to service you first. If you are having your hair done by us, then read our Hairstyling Prep Guide “here

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